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Our Fees

True impartiality is impossible if commission depends on the sale of a financial product. Equally, advisers who charge by the hour are incentivised to maximise time.

As fixed price, fee-only advisers, we are uniquely placed to give you truly objective advice. We have no financial conflict of interest in selling products, increasing investment transactions or modifying portfolios. We have strong incentives to minimise your costs and maximise your account value, since our fees can grow only if the size of your account grows. Our pricing structure is based around the value we deliver, not the time we spend on providing services.

We only use investment funds, custodians and financial products which are commission free, and always negotiate with product providers to reduce costs where possible. This leaves money with you, not with the fund manager. We don’t charge for trading or rebalancing. All fees, expenses and transaction charges are fully disclosed and clearly accounted for.

Our fee includes personal cash flow forecast, consolidation, unlimited meetings, liaison with professional advisers and a lifetime relationship – all for less than the cost of some standard UK unit trust funds.

We offer a satisfaction guarantee. If any client is not completely satisfied with our service, we will either refund the price, or accept a portion that reflects the customer’s level of satisfaction.

Arrange a Discovery Meeting

Our initial Discovery Meeting enables us to explore a possible relationship and find out if we can add value. It is provided free of charge and without obligation.

Discovery Meeting